lasvegasdrainjettingplumbingDRAIN CLEANING IN LAS VEGAS
No One Does It Better Than Hot Jets!!!

A clogged drain is every home owners worst nightmare. A clogged main line will back up into your showers, tubs and sinks sewage that is dangerous to your health. Hot Jets drain cleaning offers fast emergency service. When you call Hot Jets and make an appointment, we will show up on time, evaluate the drain situation, and offer our professional opinion on the best way to clear the drain clog.

With over 30 years experience, we promise to take great care when working in your home leaving our work area as clean or cleaner than when we arrived.

drainjettinginlasvegascleaningWE SPECIALIZE IN HOT WATER JETTING
What Is Drain Water Jetting?

Everyone is familiar with drain cable snake clearing, which does work well in some situations. If your drain is clogged with grease, soap scum, food particles, which most drains become clogged with, cabling is not the preferred method. Water jetting is the most advanced, thorough drain and sewer line cleaning available. A water jetter hose is inserted in to the drain line and 3000psi of water pressure is used to propel the hose down the line until it reaches the line clog and virtually scours the drain line clean to like a new condition. This is the most effective way to clean a clogged drain line and also the longest lasting way to keep your drains working properly. Where most companies only offer cold water jetting, Hot Jets designed and manufactured their own HOT water jetter. Any one who has ever washed dishes knows that when it comes to cleaning grease nothing works as
good as HOT water.



hotjetsplumbinginlasvegasDRAIN LINE CAMERA INSPECTIONS
You Never Know What Could Be In Your Drain Lines!

If you are having reoccurring drain problems there may be a drain line problem. The way to find and locate it is to insert a live drain camera in the line which will show us root problems, broken or separated pipes or joints. If a problem is found we can locate the problem and know where to dig to have the line repaired.

hot jets lasvegas water jetting plumbingGOT A FLOOD?
We Offer Water Extraction And Structural Drying

When you have a flood in the home the first thing you must do is to stop the water flow. If you can stop the water flow at the source great, if not go out to the sidewalk, find the water meter box, and shut off the water going to your home. Than call Hot Jets and we will be on our way to extract the water and start the drying process. DO NOT CALL your insurance company until we get their and evaluate the situation. Most water damage claims will be less than your home owners deductible.
WARNING: To many water damage claims may get your policy canceled.

hotjetscamerainspectionshot jets las vegas plumbingHOT WATER PRESSURE WASHING

Whether it’s a drain line backup, a grease spill, or a oil stained driveway, Hot Jets can take care of it.

With our proprietary 9 step oil stain removal concrete cleaning system, we can stop those tyrannical letters from your HOA.